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Do customers really know how to navigate your eCommerce Store?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to dig into the inner thoughts of the persons browsing your website? Knowing why they clicked on a specific link first… Knowing why they decided to go back to the homepage, despite finding the product they wanted to buy. All of these actions often go […]

Using Copywriting Platforms Like Copify to Write Engaging Product Descriptions

You’ve got a great product ready to sell. The images you’re using to sell the product are beautifully crafted to ensure the lightning shows the true colours of the product. Yet, there’s one fundamental part of the product selling process that people leave out… The product description. This often section of the product page is […]

Should Emojis Be Used In An eCommerce Environment

From board games to bedding and even toilet paper, there’s something that’s 2016 will be known by. The year of Emojis. From smiley faces, to a thumbs up, they’ve become an integral part of the technical word. Heck, even Kim Kardashian released an Emoji app named ‘Kimoji’ that at one point was generating around $1,000,000 […]

The Mystic Mantra to Make Your Deserting Customers Return – Infographic

You’ve seen visitors on the website. You know they’re there. You can can see them browsing the product categories, moving their mouse ever-closer to the buy button. Yet for some reason they disappear suddenly. Maybe they didn’t like the pricing, maybe they forgot they were cooking dinner and needed to save their roasted vegatables. The […]