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Will re-writing your product descriptions improve search rankings?

One of our blog readers emailed us recently for some advice. He purchased a poorly operated eCommerce store and felt that one of the things causing a problem, was that all the product descriptions were copied from the original manufacturer. He felt like this with damaging the Google search rankings and therefore, losing potential sales. Duplicate […]

3 eCommerce SEO Predictions For 2017

The SEO landscape has changed so much over the last few years, it’s almost unrecognisable. Changes are made to the algorithms so often, you have to think not only about the new changes, but also about changes that may impact things in the future. Below are 3 of my predictions for 2017. #1: Voice search will grow […]

Using Copywriting Platforms Like Copify to Write Engaging Product Descriptions

You’ve got a great product ready to sell. The images you’re using to sell the product are beautifully crafted to ensure the lightning shows the true colours of the product. Yet, there’s one fundamental part of the product selling process that people leave out… The product description. This often section of the product page is […]

Google Has Reinforced It’s Mobile-Friendly Ranking Signal

It’s been no secret that Google has been pushing for websites to be more mobile friendly. In March they told us that they were looking to reinforce their mobile friendly ranking Signal somtime during May (2016.) John Mueller, the Webmaster Trends Analyst over at Google has announced today that the new stronger ranking signal is […]

Google’s Spam Fighting Achievements In 2015

Google has released some interesting achievements and statistics from their spam fighting efforts in 2015 over on the official Google Webmaster blog. I’ve pulled out some of the information that’s useful for Ecommerce site owners. There was a 180% increase of websites being hacked in 2015 compared to 2014. Considering the significant increase, it’s always […]