Do customers really know how to navigate your eCommerce Store?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to dig into the inner thoughts of the persons browsing your website? Knowing why they clicked on a specific link first… Knowing why they decided to go back to the homepage, despite finding the product they wanted to buy. All of these actions often go unanswered.

As eCommerce owners, we know where to find everything on our websites. We know how to find the returns section, we know how to find the shipping cost calculator. This is all known to us, because we spend every day using, updating and interacting with our own websites.

Your customers do not.

For the vast majority of the people browsing your website, it will be their first time. They’ve never added something to their shopping cart on your website. They’ve never searched for a product they needed and successfully found it. We just assume that our store is perfect and assume that if someone searches for a product or information, they will find it.

However, this isn’t always the case…

Peek by

Peek by Usertesting is a free service that enables you to have someone use and navigate your eCommerce store (or any other sort of website for that matter), whilst speaking in real-time and providing useful feedback. This is done in video format so you’re able to see every mouse click, cursor movement and interaction.

With this free service, the person will be told to browse the website for around 5 minutes in total. They don’t have any specific tasks but are told to just give their overall opinions and thoughts on things like the layout, usability and overall understanding of your website. As you can’t state the specific actions they must take, it’s not perfect, however it offers an insight into the way people look and interact with your website.

If you would prefer to be able to set actions and tasks the user must take, Usertest offer another service:

Pricing for that service is $49 per video for your first 10 videos. It allows you to ask the person browsing your website to do very specific tasks you set, along with following guidelines and procedures you can put in place. This can be anything from asking the user to find a new handbag, if you own a clothing store… to asking a user act as if they placed an order 45 days ago and they need to find out how they would try and find refund information, as if it was a real situation.

Although you may feel like your website flow and information is crystal clear, it can be very surprising how much information people can glance over when they’ve never visited the website before.

I’ve personally seen real-life scenarios where people can’t even find the pricing for a product, despite this information being ‘clearly’ shown and visible above the website-fold.