Using Copywriting Platforms Like Copify to Write Engaging Product Descriptions

You’ve got a great product ready to sell. The images you’re using to sell the product are beautifully crafted to ensure the lightning shows the true colours of the product. Yet, there’s one fundamental part of the product selling process that people leave out… The product description. This often section of the product page is […]

LiveChatInc Report: Ecommerce During the Holiday Season

One of the busiest periods of the eCommerce industry is rapidly racing towards us. LiveChatInc┬áhas jumped into the season selling spirit with a free report named ‘Ecommerce During the Holiday Shopping Season.’ ┬áThis reports lets you know what to expect and how to handle the looming rush of visitors and purchasers that will be visiting […]

Should Emojis Be Used In An eCommerce Environment

From board games to bedding and even toilet paper, there’s something that’s 2016 will be known by. The year of Emojis. From smiley faces, to a thumbs up, they’ve become an integral part of the technical word. Heck, even Kim Kardashian released an Emoji app named ‘Kimoji’ that at one point was generating around $1,000,000 […]

Top 5 WooCommerce Designs Of 2016

Buying a new theme for your eCommerce site can often be a time-consuming process. Visiting all manor of websites, scrolling through hundreds, if not thousands of designs… your eyes seemingly want to bleed with the amount of options thrown in you face. Below is a roundup of the top 5 WooCommerce designs of 2016 found […]

Google Has Reinforced It’s Mobile-Friendly Ranking Signal

It’s been no secret that Google has been pushing for websites to be more mobile friendly. In March they told us that they were looking to reinforce their mobile friendly ranking Signal somtime during May (2016.) John Mueller, the Webmaster Trends Analyst over at Google has announced today that the new stronger ranking signal is […]